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You don’t have a couple of drinks figuring that you’ll need alcohol. You don’t take a prescription medication for pain thinking that you’ll do anything to get more of this pill. Addiction is a disease that takes over the brain. Here are some common warning signs that you might be addicted to a substance. You take more of the substance than you plan or want to, and for longer than you expected. You have an urge to use the drug or drink alcohol every day or many times during the day. You go to great lengths to find the substance if you do not have it. You will seek it out. You keep using the addictive substance even if it is harming relationships or causing problems at work and home. You do dangerous things while using the substance: stealing, lying, driving under the influence, etc. You spend a great deal of time using or recovering from the substance. You distance yourself from people who care about you. You cannot stop using the drug even though it is causing negative effects on your health and relationships. You stop doing things you used to enjoy and use the addictive substance instead. Overcoming addiction is not easy—but it is possible, and people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol have success using strategies including psychotherapy, medication, and self-care. Addiction recovery requires a layered approach and lots of support.

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oxycodone hcl 5 mg